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Your Food Cravings Could Be A Sign Of Mineral Deficiencies

We’ve all experienced unhealthy food cravings at some point in our lives.

Whether it’d be for some chocolate, salty chips or burgers, it’s really hard to resist.

To make matters worse, eating these highly processed foods doesn’t actually help get rid of the initial craving. It only makes you fat and weakens your immune system.

And the reason for that is because food craving is a warning sign that your body is in dire need of certain minerals.

1. Chocolate

Easily one of the most commonly reported craving, chocolate is often linked with a lack of magnesium.

More than 80% of Americans have low levels of magnesium. This mineral is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and is also known for its relaxation properties.

You can find some healthier sources of magnesium here.

2. Sugary Foods

This is the most complex craving to pin down, since deficiencies could be caused by a lack of these nutrients:

  • chromium (helps to regulate blood sugar levels)

  • phosphorus (helps the body produce energy)

  • sulfur (helps remove toxins)

  • tryptophan (a serotonin regulator).

The best way to end sugar cravings is to eat healthier, which will help remineralize your whole body.

3. Refined Carbs

If you’re craving carbs, chances are that you have a deficiency in nitrogen.

To overcome this, simply add more nitrogen-rich foods to your diet such as eggs, potato and legumes.

Other Food Cravings

The following cravings are less common than those detailed above, but can still happen.

Oily and fatty foods: You are deficient in calcium. Good sources of calcium include greens and broccoli.

Ice: You are deficient in iron. Eat more iron-rich foods like leafy greens, blackstrap molasses and sea vegetables.

Salty foods: You are deficient in chloride and/or silicon. Try adding more fish, nuts and seeds to your diet.

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